JMP Bliss Music Studio’s is an expert in fully mixed and radio-ready songs!
It’s all about the song, so let’s help you get the best out of it!
We’ll arrange, record and produce your music: from hip-hop, afro pop, rock, gospel to orchestral and anything in-between.
Starting with pre-production, to tracking a small band live in studio, or building your perfect track layer by layer with our experienced producers, we’ll help you go all the way, sounding great!

Broadcast compliant final mixes for TV as well as film in stereo as well as 5.1 mixes. We offer Dialogue enhancement, noise removal, sound design, and gripping original musical scores. We’ll final mix your TV series, Film, Documentary or your company’s in-house media, all with  international quality. W

We record brilliant and gripping Voice Overs – anything from a short Advertisement for radio, to film overdubs, ADR and  Podcasts. Bring in your professional VO artist, or we can help find you the perfect match.

Services provided by the business are:

* Composition and suggesting music material to record
* Music arranging and sequencing
* Scoring and music notation
* Suggesting and hiring session musicians to perform
* Supervision of rehearsals
* Performing both control room and studio work at recording sessions
* Guiding the artist’s performance
* Post production work including editing, mixing and mastering
* Band, acapella and small choir recordings
* Radio, commercial and advertisement work such as jingles, audio branding, corporate videos and voice-overs
* Audio restoration and forensics
* Digital music marketing services

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